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Our Mission is to promote the basics of discipleship according to the Early Church, Scripture, and Jesus (Y'shua).

The Jerusalem Road - An Online Discipleship Journal
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Questions about this Website - Contacting the Editor

Questions about this Website

If you have any questions or need further explanations please first pray to God and ask his Holy Spirit to teach you, to calm you, to focus and ground you solidly in his ways.  It is a good thing to wait upon God for your answers.  God who created the mouth CAN speak directly to you.  God who created the ear CAN definitely hear you.  What God desires most is for you to know him, his Will, and Jesus (Y'shua) who he sent to us.  If you seek God with all your heart you will find him.  Ask God any question and pursue him on the answer – and he will answer you!

Contacting the Editor


If you have questions, comments, or wish offer a correction you may contact Dave Rogers, the editor.  We should all be open to being corrected from the Bible from brothers and sisters in the faith who do so in love and not condemnation or anger.

Which God Are We Talking About?

Which God are We Talking About?

We are talking about the one and only true God  י ה ו ה  YHVH, the Creator of all things, the God of Israel, also called the God of the Bible, Father of Heaven, and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  My studies show God’s name in the original Hebrew is Yahuah.  Others use the name Yahweh, Yahovah, Jehovah, or other variations.  You’ve heard the word Hallelu-yah.  This is a Hebrew word that means: “Praise Be to Yah.”  ‘Yah’ is the short poetic form of God’s name using the first two letters.

We are also talking about Jesus (Y’shua) י ה ו ש ע of Nazareth, the true Messiah and King of Israel, the Son of God.  My studies show Jesus’ (Y'shua) name in the original Hebrew is Yahusha or Yahushua and is the same as the name Joshua, although Joshua this a westernized version, there are no “Js” in Hebrew.  Others use Yeshua, Yahshua, or some other variation.  The beauty of Jesus’ (Y'shua) original Hebrew name is that it contains part of the Father’s name:  Yahu (first 3 letters) and adds ‘sha’ or ‘shua’ meaning salvation.  Jesus’ original name in Hebrew literally means “Yahu is my Salvation.”

What is Evil?

Is witchcraft evil?  Are witches and warlocks?  Are demons and Satan?  Is worshiping idols and other gods evil?  Does a carved idol made of wood, stone, or precious metals really have any power!?  It does not to most people, but only does to those who worship it, look to it for answers, look to it for truth or salvation – the power given to the idol is in their mind and the mind controls their body and actions.  I suggest that Evil and Idolatry is looking to and relying upon any source other than the one and only True God, the God of Israel (the God of the Bible).

God is the only one qualified to define sin, truth, obedience, true worship, and salvation.  So as you read further, keep in mind that any man, church, denomination or religion’s definition of things can be false, only God’s definition of things as outlined in the Bible will always be true and reliable.  For it is only God’s opinion that ultimately counts and only God’s Word that matters.  Do not let any man or religion define who you are and your beliefs.  Allow yourself to be open to God, to allow him to teach you.  For your eternal salvation cannot be based upon men, a church, or a religion, but only upon God.  So let’s choose right now to be firmly dependent upon God and his Word (the Bible) as our source, and to not depart from this firm foundation.

That being said, you need to test everything I say in this website against the Bible, for if you believe what I say without confirming it then you are just believing in a man.  Test everything (1 Thessalonians 5:21), confirm things in the Bible, then you will be believing in God, and your faith and walk with God will greatly increase beyond your wildest dreams.

No Condemnation or Judgement

No Condemnation or Judgment

What you choose to do, or not do, is between you and God.  The purpose of this website is not to condemn or judge you but to encourage you onto holiness, to walk anew in God's Holy Spirit in truth and obedience toward an awesome relationship with God.

When Jesus (Y'shua) returns he will judge and reward everyone according to their works, what they did (Matthew 16:27 and Revelation 22:12-14). By what standard will Jesus (Y'shua) use for everyone to punish or reward them?  The Torah, God’s Laws in the Old Testament (Micah 4:2-3).

Bible Quotes - Bible Editions Used

Bible Quotes

Most Bible quotes are from the King James Version (KJV) or the English Standard Version (ESV).  If the Bible quote is unmarked it is from the KJV.  If it is from another translation it will be marked.  Updated grammar and spelling is done to make the KJV verses easier to read, like changing “ye” to “you.”  With the assistance of the Strong’s Concordance, a few words are changed that required clarity but were done without changing its meaning.


Purpose of The Jerusalem Road

Our Mission is to promote the basics of discipleship according to the Early Church, Scripture, and Jesus (Y’shua).

If I could summarize the purpose of this website it would be to encourage others to discover and "encounter" the true Messiah of Israel, Jesus (Y'shua) of Nazareth.  It has been an amazing journey for myself (Dave Rogers) - I'm the editor.  I've been over 30 years in a sold-out Walk.  Discovering the truth is not easy, but it does get easier.  Letting God speak for himself from the Bible and learning to put aside one's traditions, church culture, and pre-conceptions is often the struggle that takes place.

I seek to share important concepts, principles, tips, and teachings that have made my journey successful. I will also highlight resources and teachings from other ministries that I deem worthy.

About the Editor

I am a 30+ Year Sold-Out, Born-Again, Disciple of Jesus (Y'shua) of Nazareth and Torah Obedient follower of the God of Israel (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).

I'm a very strong believer in getting back to the original Gospel, Faith and Teachings of the first disciples, apostles, and early churches.  The firm foundation of which Jesus (Y'shua) created as the pure Gospel was to restore us in right relationship with him so that we can please him in obeying the Old(er) Covenants, to renounce man-made, non-Biblical and religious teachings that conflicted with the Old Testament.  This Original Gospel is firmly rooted in the belief that Salvation comes by Faith in Jesus (Y'shua), as the model of Faith from Abraham proves.  Secondly, that the daily walk of all true followers of Jesus (Y'shua) is firmly held to the Laws of God in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible).  The very definition of sin is a violation of God's Laws.

The Torah in Hebrew means "Teachings" or "Instructions" of God.  I consider myself a "Covenant Keeper" -- that is one who seeks to obey all the Covenants of God. The Messiah establishing (Matt. 26:28) at the Lord's Supper the "New Covenant" to place the law of God in our heart and mind (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

Raised in Southern Baptist Churches by both parents who were highly active lay ministers, even in the womb I went to church, so I guess you can say I was born a Southern Baptist. I was a Southern Baptist lay minister to youth for 7 years and college ministry for 5 years and was actively involved in Southern Baptist work in Mississippi for over 20 years. Since the age of 17 I've been Sold Out for the Messiah and been highly active in all types of ministry work, from Youth to College ministry, from Christian Radio to Pro-Family and Pro-Life activist work.

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