Go Camping with God

bart-campingtentAt least once or twice a year I try to go camping with God.  The idea is to get away from everything and everyone except God.  I’m not talking about camping in a campground with nearby campers.  I’m talking about finding a camp site away from everyone, that you can spend at least 3 days alone just to focus on him.  The best places I’ve found are in “wilderness areas” but anywhere away from the noise of people and cars will do.  I like to hike down a trail with a backpack with just my Bible, notebook, pen and basic tent, food, and bart-hiker1water.  Cell phone brought but turned off, no Christian music, no radio, no distractions, just the sound of nature and time to seek God and do some serious Bible study.  You cannot imagine how much this has changed my life.  You get to clear your head and thoughts of everything but God.  You can choose one of the state or National Park’s Wilderness areas, or a friend’s hunting land (out of season), or a friend’s acreage –  just to find a location to be alone.  Make sure to bring enough water or be near a water source and never camp right on a river because of potential flash floods.

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