The Note Read: The last will and testament of a dead man.

Other Writings

“I have come to the end, I can no longer hold on. I no longer see a future for myself. My life is no longer worth living. I feel compelled to take the leap and jump. Everything I thought that I valued in life, was not what I thought it was.

Dear self, you are no longer in control, you are no longer the owner of this life. My life, my will, my very essence has been bought by the King of all Kings and creator of the universe – the God of Israel.

Dear new owner, I don’t know exactly how things are supposed to be under your ownership. I trust you will take care of this life and I know you will do much better than I ever did with it. I hope my life in your hands will make you happy. I trust you. I willingly take the leap of faith, not knowing where I will land, but trusting and releasing my life totally into your hands.

Not my hands, but now your hands lifted to you, in you, of you, by your strength lifted high by your spirit Adonai, I do return your worship you have imparted into me from heaven back to you.

Written: Monday, July 31, 2017

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