Our Eyes on God, How You Can Find Your True Beloved in Him.


A Love Letter:
by Dave Rogers
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"Yah" is the short poetic form of God's name in Hebrew.
For example: Hallelu-Yah means praise be to Yah.

A Prayer for My Beloved

Oh Heavenly Father, I am so joyful!

You have remade me in the likeness of your Heart, Mind, Spirit, Mouth, Hands, Eyes, and Feet. My very being overflows with the spring of your Heart and Love. For you have loved me by pouring yourself into me transforming my very essence. May I truly and genuinely love her as you love your Bride. Where I am weak, please make me strong. Where you have made me strong, let me love her with that love you have built inside of me. May she shine in the Light of your Glory as I shine in yours.

Thank you Father!!!!!!


With every tear shed, as my heart bled, the Father freed me to write this to you, My Beloved...

On that day in Him our eyes met, not looking round but remaining in Him yet,
I saw our common home was in His Heart already set.

When I first saw your heart I recognized it true,
Because I saw his reflection in you.

My same heart toward Yah,
My same heart who
leaped with Joy at the very sound of you.

and in His Heart did our match make.
Knitting our hearts, knitting our souls,
to be one in Him alone.

You call me Honey.  You say I am sweet,
cause you're the Honey Bee that makes my heart beat.

For Yah owns my heart and Yah owns my soul
and now with you, He has shared it whole.

For apart from Him we can do nothing.
Apart from Him there is no us.
But in Him is everything,
a present, a future, a oneness if we trust.

May it be His Will, I pray,
to share in Life's Journey with you along His Way.
To be richly filled and blessed as one,
partaking together in the abundance of His Love.

May I be so privileged, may it be so dear,
to serve you each day in the boldness of Yah's Amazing Love.

You have your scars, I have mine.
Broken dreams our past un-hide.
A hurt so bad, only Yah could bide (carry).
My heart to yours, do you feel my love inside?

I had a hurt so bad,
Leaving me bitter and sad.
It transformed me in ways untold,
not killing but maiming and feeling cold.
But in it revealing a pain off-track with Yah's Plan,
that I needed healing inside.
You recognized that in me,
and with your help and Yah's
may my healing be.

Before Yah and before you dear,
I unveil my heart, broken and scared without fear.
So take my hand, as we both reach for Yah
That he may heal what remains undone.
As He knits our hearts together as one
May we sacrifice and yield in our being renewed.

And this is my prayer along our way:
To lift you up, to love you always.
By my beating heart I sware it is yours,
to speak only in love, for my heart is yours.
Together united in Yah's Heart we are
United in strength, and healing, and love.

Bowing down together before Yah
Being Yielded only to Him, then one another
May we be always faithful to His Will.
For apart from Him there is no us,
because in Him is Life, our Life Together True.

Have I told you lately, that I love you. 🙂

I pray I learn his healing art
as I love and touch your open heart.
May Yah gift me as your loving husband,
healer, encourager, and strong shoulder.

I love you with my whole heart.
Your beloved, David

'Tis so sweet to trust in Y'shua
Just to take him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His Promise,
Just to know, "Thus saith YHVH."

Yah is Good!

-- end of letter --

This is the text from a personal hand-written, love letter to a lost love.  I share it with the Body of the Messiah as an encouragement to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness... and everything else works out.  Love God With Passion!  Make sure to always make God your first love and your first priority in everything you do.

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