The Day Indiana Jones Died

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What do you want? - Jesus (Y'shua) asks.
Do you want to get a "Get out of Hell Free card?" Do you want nothing to do with him? Do you want him more than anything?
"Where your treasure is, your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21

I dreamed a dream....  Sept 26, 2019
It was our famous Hollywood tomb raider looking for treasures and with his whit and knowledge bypassing the tests laid down around the treasure at the end of the movie's and his journey to acquire the Cup of Christ that legend says contains the blood of Christ. Indiana Jones answers challenge after challenge as the movie (in my dream) goes. THEN the last challenge is before Christ himself at the foot of the Cross. He says, "Why do you want my blood redemption?" Indiana Jones was seeking a physical cup treasure. He answered wrongly. Another comes before the Messiah and kneels down - a young woman. Yeshua (Jesus) asks the same question? Her answer was to break down crying. "Oh Yeshua, what have we done to you!" - she cries out loud, weeping and sobbing. She runs to him at his feet to comfort him and hold him. "What have we done to you, my love! I am not worthy. I am not worthy. I deserve nothing. I deserved to die." Yeshua holds her as she cries and as they comfort each other. Yeshua says, "Right answer my beloved. Right answer. I know. I know. Let me show you the Way. Follow me."

ANOTHER DREAM.... that I had a few days ago that connects to this one...

You see the perspective of Yeshua (his hands his feet and this voice). You see a line of people coming to talk with him. Yeshua says to the person at the front of the line, "What do you want?" The person replies, "I want to be saved from the coming judgement." He points to one side for him to go and they leave. They sit down on some benches, some pews, like from a church. The next comes up. "What do you want?" Yeshua asks. They shout out profanities saying, "I don't need YOU!" Yeshua points to the other side and says "you may go here." The next person in line is a young / old woman who obviously has abused her body with drugs - and now looks much older than her age. She is asked, "What do you want?" They answer, "I don't know about the other people, but all I want in my life is you, to know you, to be close to you." Yeshua replies, "Come follow me."

Many people came wanting salvation from the coming judgement and were lazy and got comfortable on church pews and never walked with Yeshua. Some people cursed him and proclaimed they did not need him and were condemned. A few came just because they wanted Yeshua, loved Yeshua, and desired Yeshua above all else. They walked with God.

What do YOU want?

The young / old woman is now following Yeshua and living as her beloved Master did, in harmony with her God and with her neighbor because she always put Yeshua first in her life, living out the eternal Words of God, not just hearing them, but doing them. She has shown her love to be true. For her beloved is hers. She focused everything she was on the right answer, "All I want is Yeshua." Now she is beautiful. Now she is his bride.

I dreamed a dream. What do you dream? Do you dream about the most important person in your life? Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.

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