The Old Rocking Chair


The Old Rocking Chair
by Dave Rogers

There is a story in my family of an old rocking chair passed down from generation to generation. It was made strong and sturdy by a North Carolina master craftsman in the 1780s. It was plain looking by today’s standards but was built to last. Over the decades it has become a part of everyone’s history in our family because it has always been around and much used, giving comfort and support to all who needed it.

It's old wooden arms often worn, and its parts sometimes broken and damaged – it was so cherished by family that someone had always been careful to restored back to working condition. One day, being thought of that it was broken beyond repair, someone tossed it away, discarding it, leaving it outside in the weather.

This same old rocking chair lives on today serving the purpose it was originally made for, only because someone decided to rescue it and take on the challenge of restoring it. They valued what it had meant in the past to their family and they had a vision of what it could be again.

The old rocking chair served the restorer and their family the rest of their lives, serving also their children and children’s children yet to come – all because the restorer chose to act at a very critical moment, before too much damage was done due to neglect.

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