Using Bible Software – Tips and Advice

A good Bible software program for your computer, if used correctly, can catapult your Bible studies into a series of life changing events.  Used along with a built-in Strong’s Concordance will help you know exactly what a word means in its original Hebrew or Greek language.  The confusion of what a verse had said is replaced with the confidence of clear answers. bart-stackofbooks In addition to key word searches you can actually do a search by the Strong’s ID number to see how that particular word is used elsewhere.  But basically being able to type in words and do a search will lead to many fulfilling hours of study, following your curiosity and thirst for answers and truth – just like a treasure hunt, it can become addictive.  And isn’t that a good thing?  Yeah!   I use e-Sword in my Bible studies and in the process of creating this book.  I highly recommend it.  Just imagine having at your fingertips all the resources of an entire library that includes multiple Bible versions, concordances, dictionaries, and much more.

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Online Bible Software also Available

You can use several number of Bible websites that allow you to almost have the same function as Bible software on your computer.  Some even have it where you can listen to the Bible.  Some you can read and listen at the same time.  Some of the audio Bibles are dramatized too which makes listening a lot easier.

In addition to websites there are many apps (programs) that can place the Bible text and search features, in addition to audio listening right on your smart phone device or tablet (Blackberry, Windows, iPhone/iPad, and Android).  To start search for:  Bible websites

Here are also some of I recommend:                                       

TIPS for Using Bible Software

Browsing the Bible

If you use the Internet, you may have found yourself online searching for this and that, and researching and learning more and more as you go – then you look at the clock and say, “Wow!  Where have the hours gone?”  Just as addictive to reading an article here, clicking on a link to get more information, and learning even more, Bible Software with a few tips to get you started can become very addictive also.  And what better thing to be addicted to than God’s Word.  If you don’t have a computer, I would say consider getting one just for the opportunity to study God’s Word.

General Searches

Typing in a word or phrase from a verse you remember reading is where you get started.  If you can’t find it easily in a search on your Bible software then try to do an internet search and you will most likely find the Bible verse reference.  When searching you will have to be somewhat original to the translation you are searching in.  For example searching in King James Version can often be difficult because KJV can use shalt and shall or ye and you or wilt and will all in the same verse.  So using the alternate search ideas I just mentioned will at least help get you to the correct verse.

Determining the Meaning of a Word and Verse.

The Strong’s Concordance is often the first thing used when determining the meaning of a word.  Bible software will often have a Reference # available next to the word so you can place your mouse over it and the meaning pops-up.  Other Bible Dictionaries are also available and can be pulled up to assist you.  I like to use the Strong’s and like to use this method also:  I will do a search for the Strong’s Reference # to see where in the Bible (Old Testament in Hebrew, New Testament in Greek) that same Hebrew or Greek word is used and how it is translated elsewhere.  This method along with the definition will most likely help you become firm in what a verse is saying, if you also read it in its context.

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