“Where God Walked” – a short story of a real life experience with God.


Where God Walked
This must have been like it was in the Garden.

by Dave Rogers – Written Summer 2000

This was a week like no other, when God writes on men’s souls unforgettable verses of wonder.

As fondly I try to write this verse, I cannot come close to describing the impression God made on my soul this week.  Yet, I am so compelled to express this experience because of its great wonder and impact on my life.  So I begin, even though only equipped with the meager tools of raw narrative and raw poetry.

It was a week that on any weatherman’s log book would be heavy with occasions.  For not once, but three times our coastal town was marked with extremely, severe thunderstorms and a few tornadoes.

It was an occasion by which every citizen stopped.   Children halted their play.  Workers stopped work.  All to see, to welcome, to prepare for the storms that would be.

To a hot summer day, the storms were a gift.  It brought the coolness of morning to late afternoons.  As each storm moved in, this gave occasion for neighbors to walk to the curb, to look to the clouds, to see the amazing dance of the sky.  The storms gave cool breezes to days where it had been over a 100 degrees.  It was like the whole town moved outside, although just for a moment. Truly these were big occasions.

It was a week of amazing sights, to that everyone would agree, but none could compare to today.  For today, I walked with God.

To be a witness of the accounts I am describing is to have something marked on your heart for life.

It is like, to as best I can describe, like walking in the Garden of Eden on the seventh day, right after the world was newly made.

Everywhere – The freshness, the feel, the newness of life.
The energy, the sounds of the earth.
The smell of the wet grass, the cool breeze on my face.
Amazing, colorful lights in the sky.
Everything — perfectly peaceful.

The first time I noticed something was different, it was at the end of the work day.  Work never being completed, but put away for the day, I walked towards the tool shed and the big giant oak that occupies by back yard.
It was then, I was touched by the hand of God.

It felt like —
when someone is moving quickly, focused, and determined to get to their destination, and someone else firmly, from behind you, grips your shoulder with their hand.  You are startled, you gasp for air, and you are forced to quickly spin around and draw attention to the person who now holds your shoulder firmly in their grasp.

God said, “Hello. I am here.  Draw near.”
It’s something I’ve heard before, but not quite in this manner or way.
Raising my face to the sky, I was touched like never before.  I was walking with God.

There had been a mist falling all day.  I’ve never seen anything in my life like this.  I’ve seen mist falling before, but never all day long.

I just came back in, with only a moment to spare, to share of the things I experienced there.

With my face moist and my glasses wet, my sneakers squeaked on the hard wood floor as I came in.

The mist came light to heavy as did the wind.
But to look up in the sky — that was a wonderful surprise.
It’s past nine o’clock now but the sky is still bright.
The lights from the city are dancing in the sky as they reflect off the clouds revealing a most amazing, colorful light show.  Colors of blue, gray, and orange are illuminating the air.

When the mist is light, you breathe it in and it affects you.
When the mist is normal you can feel it light on your face.
When it’s heavy you have to clean your glasses and it dampens your clothes.

Wait a moment, I must steal away to the Garden again…

I just came back from outside.  I sat by the old oak.

I remember learning about Samuel in the Bible, that when God spoke to him, he was instructed to reply, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”  I replied in the same manner.  God spoke.  No words to describe this.  Me and my Daddy walked hand-in-hand for a while.  No words to describe this either.  Just tears and a smile that joins both ears.

Like a quiet, candlelit dinner that a wife prepares for her husband or a special note and flowers to a wife from her husband.  It’s in those special moments that you…
and get the message, “I LOVE YOU”

It’s a phrase you’ve heard before, but that you don’t often hear in this manner or way.

The special way this message is conveyed gives weight to the moment and the meaning in a way that creates treasures of lifelong memories.  In order for the person to “fully” gain the effect of the message, they must pause from what they are doing, wait, and listen, then the environment for the delivery of the message is set.  Then the message is delivered, “I Love You.”

Of all the knowledge, experience, and understanding I have gained or will gain throughout my life, of all the wealth of the past, present, and future — all of it — I would give it up in a heartbeat if I had to exchange it for a real, honest passion for God and a rich intimate relationship with Him.

Passion for God seeds energy, motivation, and a desire for Him.   All of us may feel “dry” from time-to-time in our walk with Jesus.  Whatever you do, do it out of obedience, but it’s best when we obey out of our passion for God that he builds inside us.  Ask God for motivation, passion, and intimacy with him.  Never be too busy or not sensitive enough that you miss those times when God wants to spend time with you in a special way.

To you who read this:
Be these moments with God fondly remembered and jealously guarded,
for today might just be a day when God desires to walk with you.

The best thing about this last verse is, the week is not over, nor the day complete.  When I lay down my pen I will step outside again, into the Garden, to walk with God.  For you may not have known, but I’ve been stealing away time to do that very thing in the middle of writing this down.  And who knows but God, what tomorrow He will bring.

Love God with Passion,
Dave Rogers

© Copyright 2000 David Rogers  All Rights Reserved.

If there is one song that may inspire you along with these verses it is “Slip Away” by Kim Hill

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