Your Only Opportunity to Pursue God is NOW!


What is our purpose in life?  As we grow up our experiences change our views on this subject.  From trying to become a good student, worker, church member, citizen, and for some a good spouse and parent.  At some point along the way a long-lost teaching resurfaces in our mind.  That God is our Creator and has a specific Plan and Purpose for our Lives.

Since God designed us, he knows us better than we could ever hope to know ourselves.  He knows what is best and worst for us.  Since God is our Heavenly Father, he does what only the best of fathers would do:  raise us, teach us, love us, bless us – and in seeking only the best for us, he want us to live a long and happy, genuinely rich and fulfilling, peaceful and prosperous life.

No matter what we may accomplish in life personally or with friends, family, or career – there remains one everlasting opportunity here and now that expires upon our death:  That we should choose to experience God, and that we can have a personal relationship with him and attempt to know him in his Fullness.

In this life, here and now, we have an opportunity to choose God’s path for our lives, after death the choices we made in life stands forever and can never again be changed.


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