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Ask the Rabbi... go ahead... ask Jesus (Y'shua) anything you want.  I, Dave Rogers, am not a rabbi. Jesus (Y'shua) said don't call anybody your rabbi for we are all brothers (Matthew 23:8-10). See also: The Holy Spirit is our teacher.  Ask God's Holy Spirit to teach you and he will.  Pursue God on the answers and you will find them.  THIS PAGE is Dave's Questions and Answers Page...  E-Mail your questions here.
Below are some that I've answered:

  • Identify Yourself! Who Are You? -- 06-25-2017
    QUESTION: As a disciple of Jesus (Y'shua), what do we call ourselves now that we believe and follow Torah? I was asked if I was Jewish because I keep Sabbath. I feel I am neither Jewish nor Christian. And I don't feel like I can really be part of
  • Who is the Real Church that Jesus (Y'shua) Founded? -- 07-12-2017
    THOSE WHO READ THE BIBLE know that the Roman Catholic Church was not founded by Jesus. Why? With the Holy Scriptures we can discover who are the true People of God, the real Church founded by Jesus (Y'shua).
  • What is the 'Soul' -- 09-15-2018
    The answer is found in several places in Scripture. SHORT ANSWER: Soul is the combination of spirit and flesh(body). 1) James 2:26 "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." 2) Genesis - God breathed
  • What Should Our Relationship Be With a Congregation? -- 04-12-2019
    THE QUESTION: How would one describe an appropriate relationship between the individual and his/her congregation? Are we to be totally sold out and under the authority of our group and is this the same as being submitted under God and our Messiah


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