Who Are We? The Church or Israel? The Answer is Yes!

The God of the Bible is the God of Israel. Our Lord and Savior is Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. Are we Israel!? I thought we were the Church!? We are both.
This gets into the great mystery and more intimate wonders of a relationship with God that closely resembles a marriage covenant, with God as our Husband and us or the Church as the Bride or wife.
The Bride and Bride-Groom Relationship. We know we are the Body of God (Jesus), but who are we really? How does God identify us, his Body? Are we “the Church” or “Israel?” The short answer is Yes! We are one and in the same, but God never referred to his People as ‘the church’ but always as ‘the Congregation of Israel.’ But there is much more to the story. Let’s Dig Deeper…

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