Anti-Trinity Arguments

BUT the Trinity is Pagan. Jesus is NOT God. Who is The Word? Show Us The Father! Revelation of the Aleph Tav. Who Walked with Adam and Eve? Who Gave the 10 Commandments and Torah (The Law)? Who is The Creator of the Universe? Did Jesus Pray to Himself? What is Eternal Life?

The Mark of Jesus (Y’shua) in the Old Testament: the Aleph Tav (Alpha and Omega)

The hand of Jesus (Y’shua) working as God in the Old Testament? Yes, shown in over 9,500 Aleph Tav (Alpha and Omega) Mark of Jesus (Y’shua). The Aleph Tav revelation has been lost over the centuries. While it was well known to the Early Churches it is just now becoming known again in recent years. It is like we are coming out of a dark age.

Biblical Trinity: Detailed

[ Main Page: Jesus (Y’shua) is God in the Flesh – The Real Biblical Trinity ] 3-in-1:  Three parts to one individual being or person – this is the real Biblical Trinity concept.    INVISIBLE TRUE SELF: Heavenly Father (Unseen, Spirit | the Heart, Will, Mind, Personality, Passion) In John 5:30, …

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