The 7th Day Sabbath and The Early Church

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For the first 400 years, The Early Church observed the 7th Day Sabbath

  • “From the apostles’ time until the council of Laodicea, which was about the year 364, the holy observance of the Jews’ Sabbath continued, as may be proved out of many authors: yea, notwithstanding the decree of the council (of Laodicea in 363 AD) against it.”  –  John Ley (1640) Sunday a Sabbath
  • “For although almost all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries on the sabbath of every week …” –  Socrates of Constantinople, a Roman Catholic Historian at the end of the 4th century (300s), discussing the Lord’s Supper observance.
  • “Down even to the fifth century (400s A.D.) the observance of the Jewish Sabbath was continued in the Christian church.”  –  Lyman Coleman (1852) Ancient Christianity Exemplified
  • “The primitive Christians had a great veneration for the Sabbath, and spent the day in devotion and sermons. And it is not to be doubted but they derived this practice from the apostles themselves.”   –  T.H. Morer (1701) Dialogues on the Lord’s Day p189.

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